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ProudCity process

We believe cities should test-drive digital services privately and publicly before making a purchase commitment.

Our three-step process enables an agile, iterative, open approach to empowering governments before making this crucial decision. This approach allows cities and residents to co-create the digital services that work for them in an comfortable, collaborative environment.

Three simple steps:

  • DEMO: Find your city demo and claim it.
  • TEST: Build your test site.
  • LIVE: Make test site your new city website.


DEMO is a basic example of what your city homepage could look like. Claim your city demo to set up, customize and begin experimenting with your free test site.


Test is a free version of your city’s website. You get full administrative access to customize your design, add content, review integrations and test-drive all available features. Test allows you to ‘try before you buy’ and gives you an opportunity to openly share with your residents and get feedback while your legacy website remains. If you’re not happy with your test, no harm, no foul.


LIVE is your new, official city website, fully hosted and maintained by ProudCity. Once you’ve put the final touches on your test site, you can formally launch and enjoy the comprehensive benefits of the ProudCity Platform.

Step-by-step breakdown

From finding your city through launch, here are the steps.

Step 1: Find your city and claim the DEMO

  1. Find your city
  2. Claim your city by clicking on the Get Started button and filling out the quick form

Step 2: Complete the ProudCity onboarding form

Step 3: Test site welcome kit

We'll set up your test site and send you administrative access and your welcome kit, including self-help resources so you can immediately start customizing.


  1. Content Guide
  2. Answers Guide
  3. Getting started video series
    1. Overview
    2. Familiarize yourself with the editor
    3. Add answers
    4. Set up payments
    5. Create agencies

Step 4: Schedule 60-minute call

  1. ProudCity 101
  2. Product demonstration
  3. Support and feedback process
  4. Open questions

Step 5: Test period

We'll actively respond to questions/feedback during your test period through the ProudCity support channel.

Step 6: Launch

When you’re ready, we’ll help you launch your site.

Support channel

Knowledge base

Growing resources of searchable self-help guides, FAQs and videos.

Support tickets

At the top-right of the support page you can submit and track support tickets.

Live chat

We provide a live chat option from 9am to 5pm eastern.


Your feedback is important to us which is why we have a public forum for feature requests. If you think ProudCity can better with a feature change or a new integration, submit a feature request here.


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